10 tips For Couples Staying Chaste

We might have heard so much about how important it is to live and be chaste for every woman and this term is mainly discussed in terms of how a girl or a woman dresses herself up in various different attires maintaining her chastity. But this term has a subtle and silent relationship with men and their sex life too. Yes, even they need to maintain and abide by their chastity rules and this is mainly staying away or abstinent from indulging in sexual activities before marriage and after marriage with some x, y or z. When comes to sex and sexual life, men come under discussion more number of times than women and there is nothing that has an impact on them after a sexual intercourse. It is only the woman who suffers all the aftermaths. This is an advantage to the menfolk who have no real barricades or a worthy reason to stay away from it.

This is where the need to discuss chastity in men arises. Yes, chastity is not a patented word associated only with women and for women but it is important that this is discussed in terms of men too and their control over the sexual activities especially with other women. There are a lot of ways and tips by which you can actually stay off from this activity. This would also help you in having a safe and sound intercourse with your partner alone. If all this is going a little above the head, then it is better you visit the Lock the cock website which is a dedicated online website that talks about men chastity and the ways in which men can adhere to and abide by the basic rules of chastity. This website also elaborates the various games that could serve a better mode of following men chastity rules.

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