Tips to Carry the Perfect Bag on Your Next Date

Men or women, we all are extremely fond of accessorising and making our look more captivating. Where on one hand we try to wear the trendiest outfits when moving out, we also try to smell as perfectly as possible according to the situation. In the same way, one such thing that adds immense glamour to our personality is a good bag.

When it comes to women, they are considered to be very crazy about owning great designer handbags. No matter where they are heading to- office or a date- they would always like to carry the best handbags every time to enhance their look. However, have you ever wondered how we can pair up our dress with the perfect handbag for the day? If not, then here is your guide to it.

How to use handbags in stylish way

Very often we end up taking a bag with us that by mistake does not complement our outfit that well. As a result, we stay under-confident about our appearance and miss out on receiving appreciation in public. Remember that there is no point investing your money in such bags when you can’t flaunt them to enhance your persona. Here are some of the ways of selecting the right bag according to your look for the day:

  • Make sure that you do not mix two separate prints. Remember not to carry a bag that is in same colour as your dress. This will neither allow yourdress nor the bag to stand out. In fact, mixing contrasting colours would always work for you.
  • Try to match your footwear with the bag you carry while moving out. This will make you look organised and in-sink with the outfit every time.
  • When wearing a formal outfit, ensure to carry a shoulder or other bag that has slightly formal appearance. When going out with friends, experiment with your look and take the bag that looks the best.

Keep these tricks in mind and go ahead with purchasing your favourite handbags to flaunt a look that is second to none.


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